To Do

  • taskaid


    Have you been to such condition when you are still missing few things from your shopping list even though you have been to shopping mall? OR Have you ever forgotten something important or something of that nature…

    With taskaid smart reminder system you can set your ToDo list based at any location or based on any time.

  • NotifyMe 2: ToDo in cloud


    NotifyMe combines the functionality of easy yet powerful to-do task reminder with the comfort of live cloud syncing and organizing your life from the iPhone, iPad or your computer. NotifyMe lets you quickly create personal to-dos, reminders, notifications and alerts for quick daily and on the go usage. Use NotifyMe on its own, or use it along with the iPad version called NotifyMe Control Center, so you can always manage your to-do’s comfortably no matter where you are and receive notifications where you prefer to. You don’t need to care about syncing, all of your tasks are synced live using your personal user account via the NotifyMeCloud service. NotifyMeCloud is a free cloud to-do syncing service available at New user account must be created in the app directly.

    Visit to see how seamlessly cloud synchronization works between your iPad, iPhone and web access.

  • Do! Spring – The Best Simple To Do List


    ✔ The easiest way to use ‘ List’ in the iPhone.

    ✔ Do not miss any schedules by using ‘Do!’, which provides an easy and quick organization!

    ✔ A realistic ball pen & paper sound effect!

    ✔Aren’t you tired of complicated To Do Lists? So, I made this app for you guys.

    ✔ Do not waste any more time in organizing To Do List.
    ✔ It is not suitable for people who want complicated functions!
    ✔ You don’t need to study this app. just follow your instinct.
    ✔ No more stiff basic fonts!